What You Need to Know About the Permanent Hair Removal Cream


Although the majority of people think that unwanted facial hair is a problem only men have to deal with, the fact is that quite the opposite is true. There are just as lots of women out there that must address the exact same problem. In an effort to make themselves as good-looking as possible, lots of women look for hair removers to make their faces appear as smooth as they possibly can. Shaving is not an option for them. And tweezing takes up more time than they have to spare.

Even though a lot of people are trying to find different permanent hair removal methods for their unwanted body hair, it is still a given fact that people would still rather do it in the comforts of their own home. Most people thinking about this are just too doubtful that they are not convinced that this is actually possible.

The first among the some permanent hair removal treatments is called Electrolysis; this procedure involves inserting super thin metal probes in the follicles of your hair. This works in such a way that a certain amount of electricity is applied to the hair follicles so that they will be damaged enough to stop from growing. You have to be conscious that most of the machines for home electrolysis cost around $40 to $50; so you have to make sure that the product you are going to buy will actually let you insert metal probes into your hair follicles. Without these metal probes, it is safe to say that hair removal will only be a temporary thing.

The second method that you can do at home is applying Permanent Hair Removal Cream on your skin; you can be sure that this will work by combination it with regular shaving and/or plucking. The person should religiously apply these creams to their skin at least two times every single day. The only thing you have to remember is that these creams work only for women and for some unwanted facial hair. The good thing about these topical creams is that yet though you suddenly make a decision to stop using these creams, it will not affect the rate of the growth of your facial hair.


In general, the best method for applying hair removal cream is to wait until after a hot shower. The steam and hot water will loosen the hair follicle and in fact have the effect of stretching it extra past the layer of the skin than if the permanent hair removal cream were applied to skin that is body-temperature.

Apply the hair removal cream liberally across the skin in the affected area. Apply the cream onto the skin; don’t massage or rub, as rubbing will force the permanent hair removal cream into the pores of the skin, thereby risking the chances of the cream becoming excessively invasive. Let the cream sit for 5-8 minutes, or as directed on the packaging.

Once the selected period of time is over, use a warm washcloth to completely remove all traces of the permanent hair removal cream from the skin. Wash the skin in warm water to cleanse the pores. If compulsory, you can even step back into the shower. Avoid using any other chemical products on the skin, including lotions and makeup, for 2-3 hours. If the skin becomes dry and red, it is okay to apply a small quantity of mineral oil in the affected area.

It is important to reminder that though hair removal creams are effective, they perform the same essential functions as shaving, but with very much more need for precaution. It is advised that one never leave the hair removal cream on the skin for longer than the amount of selected time on the packaging. If the hair removal cream is left on for too long, the user runs the risk of harmful and even scarring sensitive skin. Therefore, it is also advised that one purchase and use a cream that has a mineral oil component, as permanent hair removal creams containing mineral oil tend to be less abrasive to the skin.

By: Herbs Solutions By Nature